Multi-Utility Design House

In With The New

We are the first Design House that is MURS accredited dedicated in providing multi-utility design services to ICP/UIP/SLP companies as well as Developers and Main Contractors nationwide.

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DACI provides a Design Service that is based upon sound technical expertise and invaluable utility experienced carried out by qualified and personable professionals within a supportive, diligent and reliable working environment.

You can trust DACI to meet and exceed your multi-utility design challenges.

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How We Can Help You


Electric Design

From LV, HV to EHV we have the technical knowledge and expertise to help with your design requirements.


Gas Design

From LP, MP to IP we have the technical knowledge and expertise to help with your design requirements.


Water Design

From clean water to private site work we have the technical knowledge and expertise to help with your design requirements.


Earthing Design

From carrying out Soil Resistivity Survey to completing an Earthing System Design for adoption, we can be relied upon by you.

Our Accreditation

Our Process



We will liaise with you to ensure we have all the necessary information to progress the design and communicate updates throughout.



We will advise and assist the next steps with all the associated adopting undertakers once the design approval is completed.



We will hand over all the necessary design documents such as the approved Construction Drawings relative to the scheme.

“DACI has a knack of getting the work done, without compromising the quality, within a very tight deadline.”

“We have used DACI to carry out our designs for a long time now and they always produce quality work for us.”

“They are reliable, competent and always on hand to make our life easier – they are a big part of our business.”

Contact Us 


+44 (0) 161 513 1508



DACI | Utilities Engineering Consultancy Limited
1 Caxton Street, Salford, Manchester, M3 5AZ